Collection: Essential Oils

What is an essential oil? Essential oils are volatile substances that are extracted from defined parts of the fragrant plant like flowers, bark, buds or roots. They represent the purest essence of the plant in highly concentrated and fragile form. Used in our everyday lives to benefit our physical and emotional demands, essential oils are prized for their unique qualities. Universal and beneficial in their effects they can be stimulating, relaxing or uplifting depending on the type of oil used.

Since 2006 NATURALES worked on education about scent culture and use of essential oils through courses and workshops in Norway. Company is devoted to sustainability of natures resources. NATURALES grows fragrant plants in its Oslo and Ibiza gardens.

Below you find a collection of our supreme essential oils, all 100% natural origin and unadulterated. You are welcome to include them into your daily habits and rituals of self care.

How does it work? Sense of smell is one of the most essential senses. We respond to smell in the limbic  part of the brain brain that deals with emotions and memories. NATURALES  believes that sense of smell is also our navigation to wellness. They can deliver peace of mind and serve as source of energy. Essential oils are beneficial not only for the mind, they are nearly all antiseptic and antibacterial from natures side. Discover myriads of uses of your favorite essential oils to elevate your mind, support breathing, soothe muscles, induce healing and rejuvenation of nervous system.