NATURALES candles are distinctive since they appeal to natural aesthetics and do not contain synthetic materials.

Each candle is unique because its carefully poured by hand using vegetable wax, beeswax and essential oils of highest grade.

Our candles are sustainable, ergonomical and produced without harming natural resources. VINTERHAGE candle contains Norwegian essential oils of mountain Juniper, Spruce and Pine which were distilated from plant residues. 

We love to decorate our candles with dried flower petals and herbs. 

We do not use paraffin, artificial scents, flavours and colourings.

Every candle releases emotionally appealing scent combinations.

WOODY: Cedarwood and Cinnamon gourmand formula

FLORAL: Indolic sitrus infused white floral accords by using Ylang ylang, Orange, Litsea and Lemongrass.

TRUE BLUE: Lavender and Lavandin intensely relaxing herbal composition

VINTERHAGE: Citrus woody blend of Norwegian coniferous mountain trees and Mediterranean citruses. Juniper, Spruce, Pine, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Orange and Neroli.

Candles are created for your natural wellbeing. 

They deliver an aromatherapeutic, natural ambience and are toxicity free.