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TANGERINE Citrus tangerina 10 ml.

TANGERINE Citrus tangerina 10 ml.

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Warming, soothing, energising

Scent profile: intense citrusy scent with exotic hints of orange blossom and Ylang ylang
Plant part: Fruit / Peel
Note: Top to middle
Extraction: Expression

A nod to Maroccos city Tanger, this citrus extract has pleasant yet soothing scent of a ripe nearly rotten desert orange. Tangerine is a zesty, optimistic and warm essential oil. It has intense, almost floral citrus aroma reminiscent of orange marmelade. Its deep red color, however makes it more suitable for use in saunas and interior diffusers.
This essential oil should never be used directly on skin undiluted. Tangerine delivers a very delicious, extremely fragrant and fast moving natural citrus fragrance. Its re-energizing and stimulating effect seems to be very therapeutic in deep cold winters of Europe.
Suitable for creating sunny ambiences in interiors, saunas, spas and yoga / training studios. Tangerine is said to have an almost hypnotic effect, it softens emotions.
It might be helpful with stress and tension due to its soothing action on the nervous system.


For rejuvenating body oil dilute 0,3 ml. of Tangerine essential oil into 10 ml. of neutral organic base oil. Be careful, Tangerine oil might be photosynthetic. Do not expose to direct sunlight and never use on skin undiluted. 
Drip 4 - 6 drops on a base of shower cabin, pour hot water.
Dilute 0,5 ml. of Tangerine essential oil into 10 ml. neutral organic base oil. 
Shake it well and pour into running water for better distribution of scent in bath water.
Adding 4-7 drops of Tangerine essential oil to diffuser, fragrant ambience will last for 2-3 hours in a room of 30 square meters.
Frankincense, Siberian Fir, Cedarwood, Geranium, Norwegian Juniper, Norwegian Pine
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