About Rasa


Rasa Maria Gundersen is a perfumer, creative director and founder of NATURALES. She has been studying health education (BA) and later specialized in conceptual 100% natural scent design and development of natural immunity items. She is a beekeeper, garden designer and cineaste.

In Norway Rasa has created custom scents for several art exhibitions including Norwegian Academy of Arts, Shakespearean play "Midsummer nights dream" at Røgaland Theatre and scent for ballet perfomance at Norwegian Academy of Music.

Rasa has collaborated on scent concepts for major brands as SPA THE WELL, CATHRINE HAMMEL, SALT and personal customized perfume.

Being a fan of gardens, Rasas latest project was to create scent of Palais Royal garden in Paris in collaboration with Parisian Haute Couture design brand CHRSTNS. 

Rasa is very involved in naturalistic gardening, she also grows and distillates rare and indiginous scentual plants in her gardens in Oslo and Ibiza.

In 2006 she created the first perfume formula DUGG, as an androgynous idealistic natural perfume with a slight overdose of Vetiver, Osmanthus and Artemisia. This scent represented shift in current olfactory worldwide trends. DUGG is a scent with no gender orientation, it serves humankind as a symbolic meaning of purity and regeneration. DUGG is nothing but dew, natures condense liquid in a single crystal drop of dew on a fresh morning.


After graduating BA in Health Education from Vilnius University, Rasa has been internationally involved into issues of natural health and immunity. In 2006 she created NATURALES. Here she developed the company’s first bee products (propolis), herbal compositions and signature perfume. Own research was supplied by specific courses in London and at the Perfumery Institute in the city of Grasse, followed by studies at ISIPCA, Versailles.

NATURALES creations are based on tradition to use natural remedies for personal rejuvenation. To prove unique physical and therapeutic effects, NATURALES do not use synthetic ingredients. Challenging choice, but company focuses only on potential of natural origin. It applies fresh skincare, beeproducts and perfume collections. This is why NEROLI, ROSEBALM and LAVENDER balms are fresh as food, made of beeswax and pure, organic plant ingredients of highest quality. These elements are systematically composed into concepts created by Rasa.

“ I was always attracted to medicine and arts. My childhood was spend in unusual circumstances: surgery rooms and lots of gardening. At the age of 6 i was extracting, straining, and planting plants for perfume. When I create perfume I always ask myself: how will it make that person feel?

Natural perfume is a highly therapeutical and emotional language.

Via NATURALES I focus to bring something new and functional into peoples lives.”

Rasa Gundersen