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URTEHAGE The Well Relax blend 10 ml.

URTEHAGE The Well Relax blend 10 ml.

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Refreshing, stimulating and relaxing, this blend represents calming spirit of a herbal garden.

This special blend was first composed for restorative treatments at Scandinavia’s biggest wellness resort, SPA The Well. To compose Urtehage, Rasa used vibrant extracts that deliver energy equivalent of a flourishing herbal garden. Carefully selected scents of herbs, flowers and Nordic woods induce deeper breath, relaxes body and nourishes the mind. This blend is ideal for home spa uses, including sports massages that relax muscles and invirogate circulation.


Skin / Body
For rejuvenating body oil dilute 1 ml. of  URTEHAGE blend into 10 ml. of neutral organic cold-pressed base oil ( almond, jojoba or sesame).

Shower / Steam
4 - 6 drops on a base of your shower cabin, pour hot water.

Dilute 1 ml. of Urtehage blend into 10 ml. neutral organic base oil. Pour into running water for better distribution of scent in bath water.

Add 1-2 drops of Urtehage blend into a bowl of at least 2 liters burning water. Blend 2 spoons of sea salt. Cover your head with linen cloth and breathe deeply.

Adding 5-7 drops of Urtehage blend to diffuser, fragrant ambience will last for 2-3 hours in a room of 30 square meters.

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