NATURALES is driven by a passion for natural scent and remedies that promotes sustainable health and aesthetic enjoyment.

Founded by Rasa Gundersen in 2006, NATURALES provides professional guidance in healthy nutrition, functional use of essential oils, natural skincare, bee products (propolis, honey, beeswax) and natural perfumery.

Company creates, develops and designs products of natural origin for comapnies, public and individual use.

NATURALES designs olfactory concepts for companies or singular shows like art exhibitions.

Bee related immunity products and natural fragrances are distributed by RØTTER SUNKOST and LIFE heath-shop networks across Norway.

Therapeutic line of relaxing concepts Tropical garden, Urtehage and Dyp skog under "THE WELL RELAX" are present at Scandinavias biggest SPA "The Well".

Perfume collections are released three times a year. Special courses and events are usually organized in May, August and before Christmas.

For special inquiries:

When ordering products online, a NOK 88 shipping fee will be added.