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TROPISK HAGE The Well relax blend 10 ml

TROPISK HAGE The Well relax blend 10 ml

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Indulging, sweet, uplifting and transporting scent of tropical garden.

This blend of essential oils is excellent to dispell winter moods. It is also beneficial for restlessness, anxiety and sadness. Bright and optimistic energy is powered by unique citrus accord with extracts varying from Bergamot to May Chang. Replica of tropical plants gives this blend a sunny feeling of vacations. Tropical garden formula also contains soothing nectary notes of orchid Ylang ylang, Tangerine, Clementine and the mildest kind of Lavender in the main notes. Suitable for all ages, this blend is also very appreciated by children due to its uplifting scent.


Skin / Body
For rejuvenating body oil dilute 1 ml. of blend into 10 ml. in neutral organic cold pressed base oil ( almond, jojoba or sesam). Shower / Steam 4 - 6 drops on a base of your shower cabin, pour hot water.

Dilute 1 ml. of Tropical garden blend into 10 ml. neutral organic base oil. Pour into running water for better distribution of scent in bath water.

Add 1-2 drops of Tropical garden blend into a bowl of at least 2 liters burning water. Blend 2 spoons of sea salt. Cover your head with linen cloth and breathe deeply.

Adding 5-7 drops of Tropisk hage blend to diffuser, fragrant ambience will last for 2-3 hours in a room of 30 square meters.

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