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Vinterhage - Citrus & Woody

Vinterhage - Citrus & Woody

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An ode to winter gardens, the idea of evergreen scentual experience. Citrus & Woody with Norwegian essential oils is a signature candle composed from scents belonging to woody, leafy and citrusy families. Handcrafted from 100% natural scents and organic soya wax  in our Oslo Lab. 

Base of this candle is organic soyabean wax. High quality wax makes it possible to use candle as a balm. 

Weight: 500g


Contains vibrant uplifting Mediterranean Hesperides extracts like blood Orange, Citrus sinensis Sanguine, Tangerine Citrus tangerina, May Chang Litsea cubeba, Bergamot Citrus bergamia.

Of Nordic scents we are very proud to be able to use essences from Norwegian wood: Juniper, Spruce, Pine and Fir extracts.


47-52 hrs. Burn 2 hrs first time for more even burn.


VINTERHAGE er en oppløftende duftlys gir den optimale duftopplevelse av hage dufter. Her kombineres det middelhavets flora / sitrus ekstrakter som blodappelsin Citrus sanguine / Clementine, Bergamot, May Chang og Grapefruit med med dypere, evigrø dufter fra norsk skog som Einar, Furu, Eikemose og Sibirsk gran.

Inneholder bred palette av citrus arter som Tangerine Citrus tangerina, May Chang Litsea cubeba, Bergamot Citrus bergamia samt med nordisk etreekstrakter fra Einar Juniperus communis, Furu Pinus sylvestris, Sibirsk gran Abies siberica.

Total vekt 500 g.
Lyset er håndlaget i resirkulert og beskjært grønn glass.

Brennetid ca 55-60 hrs, brennes i minst 2 timer for jevnere brenning.

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