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Propolis Throat Spray 30 ml.

Propolis Throat Spray 30 ml.

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Propolis Throat Spray soothes the discomforting symptoms of colds and irritation. Used at the first symptoms of colds, it prevents the spreading of bacteria and coughing. The liquid blend is sprayed into the throat several times a day, also at bedtime. Propolis Throat Spray has a well-balanced taste, which children like, too. 


Propolis means "In front of the city" in Latin. It is a term given by Aristotles to describe unique substance made by honeybees. In its natural form Propolis is a hard and sticky natural resin. Honeybees use Propolis to sterilize and protect their hives against bacteria and virus attacks. Propolis is extremely rich in antioxidants and bio active substances. It's components are known to have possible antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and other properties.

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