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Dugg Original Perfume oil 30 ml.

Dugg Original Perfume oil 30 ml.

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DUGG ( norwegian "Dew") is a process happening in nature. It is the humidity that gathers on the plants on blossoms at the break of dawn. Physically it is described as evaporation. But symbolic meaning of dew is a very old cultural metaphor for renewal and new beginning. This scent is about calmness, truthfulness, honesty. About being true to yourself and about practicing self accept. 

DUGG by Rasa is one of the first NATURALES frmulas,100% natural scent creations. It evokes feeling of solitude of being in a humid garden or in a deep forest. It speaks about meditative assimilation, surrender, letting go of old patterns. 

Its a perfect relaxant, though it aids your awareness and concentration. DUGG formula is build with specific plant extracts from my garden. Here i also use variuos woods, herbs and citruses including Orange blossom or Fleur d'Orange, or Neroli.

DUGG is fresh, green, deep, androgynous, citrusy, fougere in style. Minimalistic scent with a clear deep green undertones and uplifting spirit. It is inspired by the concept of Colognes, the very first natural perfumes made from variuos extracts that combines woody notes, herbal and floral notes.










DUGG by Rasa

100% Naturlig parfyme, eau de parfum 30 ml.

Formula DUGG er inspirert av opplevelse av roen og stillhet.

Dugg er en fysisk prosess i naturen. Metaforisk handler denne duften om "Zen" tilværelse og fornyelse. Når jeg har komponert denne duften for første gang, ville jeg finne utrykk for roen og et slags meditasjonsfølelse i naturen. Derfor oppleves DUGG som beroligende, avspennende og styrkende.

DUGG er veldig frisk, oppløftende sitrusaktig duft med dyp grønn slør og elegant treaktig dryout. Denne parfymen er komponert i dekadent fougerie/ eau de cologne stil for å bevare sin autentisk utrykk og terapeutisk funksjon.

Hovednoter: Petit grain, Neroli, Cistus labdanum, Vetiver, Lavendel, Artemisia, Frankincense.

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