About Propolis

Historically, Propolis is regarded as an oldest form of natural medicine. Today we know that Propolis has a very complex chemical structure, consisting mainly of antioxidants. They say it was Aristoteles who defined the term “Propolis” for the first time in his writings.

Propolis is usually reddish or dark brown fragrant resinous substance that is entirely created by honeybees. To construct Propolis, bees search for various plant material: resins, essential oils, waxes. They add their enzymes and make Propolis for their own use. They intuitively feel the scent of bacteria and lay Propolis where isolation and protection in hive is needed. People have been using Propolis for various ailments for over 2000 years, but its effect was first studied scientifically only in 1907, in Germany. Scientists found that Propolis has an extremely complex structure of antioxidants and various bio-active plant materials. Since then, many studies have been done to support the knowledge of Propolis and its antibiotic, antiviral and even anti-fungal properties. Propolis is a popular natural remedy worldwide due to its wonderful soothing, protecting and antioxidative qualities.

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