DUGG Roll on 10 ml. Eau de Parfum

419,00 kr

DUGG is androgynous, modern, sophisticated, minimalistic 100% natural fragrance blend in quality roll on bottle of transparent glass with a stainless steel roller ball.

DUGG means  "dew" in Norwegian and this scent represents innosense, universality and purity of nature in a single drop of dew.

Scent of DUGG is androgynous and genderless.

It has a pleasant green citrusy touch and softer character.
Created for energy renewal therefore it stimulates human energy patterns in a quet meditational way.

This natural perfume is enriched by fragrant essences of plants well known for both aromacology and aromatheraphy for their therapeutical value.

Family: Fougere, Hesperides

Therapeutic effect: Calming, aids concentration, invirogating, comforting.

Main notes: Neroli Citrus aurantium, Citrus bergamia, Osmanthus flower, Artemisia absinthum, Vetiveria zizanoides. 

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